The care and devotion that people display towards their Victorian or Edwardian homes is more than a complete inspiration to us; it's the reason why Eeleven exists.

We've had a longstanding love affair with these remarkable and versatile properties — from the architecture outside, to the detail within, and the flexibility of the design — but it's the imagination of people who make one their project that really stirs our soul.

Whether it's a painstaking restoration that pushes the original character front and centre; a creative modernisation that blends reclaimed materials with contemporary finishes; or a complete remodel that redefines the roles of rooms and entire layouts: Victorian and Edwardian homes have ridden the waves of changing design trends and evolving lifestyles while never going out of fashion!

Our founder, Vince Laurella, started his estate agency career in Leytonstone in 1999. Since then he's helped thousands of people to realise the most from their Victorian and Edwardian properties: from the maisonettes off Francis Road and the terraces of the ladder in Forest Gate, to the broad tree-lined avenues of Upper Leytonstone and the prized collection of streets that go to make up Bushwood.

And so, in 2016, he created Eeleven, a specialist estate agency for the very best period property in the neighbourhood, built on design-conscious marketing, deep local insight and a really good customer experience.

Whether you are selling, letting or refurbishing a Victorian or Edwardian home in Leytonstone, Leyton, Forest Gate or Wanstead, we're here to help you achieve the best possible price through a unique, intelligent and thoughtful approach.

The team

Vince Laurella

One of a rare breed who actively wanted to be an estate agent when leaving school, Vince discovered Leytonstone purely by chance in 1999 and he's been selling homes here ever since. 

As you might have gleaned from our website, he is somewhat mad about Victorian and Edwardian property, and has a thing for modern design.

As the neighbourhood began appearing on the radar of more and more Londoners, and as the quality of property improved by people moving in, refurbishing and rethinking the interiors, the idea for Eeleven started to form: an estate agency specifically for fellow appreciators of classic and contemporary character, with an emphasis on a thoughtful, elevated and insightful approach.

Sanjiv Chauhan
Sales Director

Sanjiv Chauhan is a true local, born and raised in East London. With nearly a decade of experience as an estate agent, he has developed an unparalleled understanding of the area, covering every nook and cranny of this vibrant community.

His remarkable local knowledge goes beyond just property. Sanjiv knows the heartbeat of East London, from the best pubs, cafes, bars, and restaurants to the independent shops, schools, and transport links. This familiarity allows him to offer invaluable insights and guidance to his clients, ensuring they find not just a house, but a home in the neighbourhood that perfectly suits their lifestyle.

Community-focused and passionate about providing a bespoke, personal service, Sanjiv is dedicated to building lasting relationships and making a positive impact in the lives of those he serves. Whether you're a first-time buyer, a growing family, or a seasoned investor, Sanjiv's commitment and unwavering dedication is reflected in his vast number of exceptional testimonials.

Claire Laurella
Head of Operations

Claire joined Eeleven in 2017 after a 2 year career break to start a family, making the company a husband and wife team. 

Before Eeleven she was an International Import Export Trade Manager for a large technology distributor, which is where she developed her impeccable organisational skills. 

Almost everything you don't see about the smooth running of the company is done by Claire, from managing rent payments, paying bills, ensuring our systems function and that everyone has all they need to concentrate on outstanding customer service. 

She also plays a fundamental role in organising the marketing and social media.

Valuing heritage

The history of Victorian & Edwardian homes is sadly absent from most property marketing, but the stories of streets add value and interest that we purposely research, capture and portray.

Understanding design

Our descriptions replace corny sales language with insightful & evocative commentary to resonate with people who share an appreciation of beauty, modern materials and period architecture.

Open & ethical

Approachability, authenticity and maturity are the very foundations of our business, with a culture of intelligence and respect that sits deliberately apart from typical estate agency stereotypes.

Uncommonly effective

Against sobering national figures that 60% of homes don't sell with the first agent and that 33% of sales fall through, we sell 95% of our listings with more than 90% reaching completion.